As a former Police Chief, I know what it takes to keep our communities safe.


I’ve listened to families from all walks of life about their challenges, and am prepared to fight for solutions in Albany. I know Rochester is sick of politicians who talk the talk.


It’s time we had a leader who has walked the beat alongside you and the people of this community.

Public Safety

Crime in Rochester is out of control, and the pro-crime policies of our current leaders is a major reason why.


As a career law enforcement officer, Jim VanBrederode has seen these dangerous effects firsthand and knows we must provide our police with the resources and support they need to protect and serve.


In the state Senate, Jim VanBrederode will lead the effort to repeal bail reform and ensure our neighborhoods are safe again.

Crime Scene Tape

As a law enforcement officer, Jim VanBrederode has witnessed how inadequate schools fuel the cycle of crime and poverty. He believes we must provide better resources and offer more opportunities to our children. This will keep them off the streets and in the classroom,


Along with better career skills training options and increasing school choice, Jim VanBrederode knows every student here can reach their fullest potential.

A Better Quality of Life

Years of bad Albany policies have pushed out too many of the hardworking families and opportunities that made Rochester special.

This area is home to world-class universities, beloved cultural institutions and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. It’s home to you
and your neighbors, who are looking for real leaders not politicians.

In the state Senate, Jim VanBrederode will be that leader.

Happy Senior Couple